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Is it a blessing or a curse?

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american horror story, angel the series, bering and wells, betty/kate, bitch slap, bomb girls, boston legal, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, camelot, cara/dahlia, cara/kahlan, castle, castle/beckett, cordy/angel, cosima/delphine, crossing jordan, daisy/mason, dar/kerry, dead like me, defiance, defying gravity, emily/jj, emma/regina, faberry, fanart, fanmixes, farscape, foxxay, f∙r∙i∙e∙n∙d∙s, ganya, gcb, gia/linda, giles/anya, gilmore girls, glee, go on, guiding light, harry's law, headers, icons, imagine me & you, independent music, jane/maura, jessie/katie, jo/blair, john/aeryn, john/alice, jordan/lu, josh/donna, katherine/robin, legend of the seeker, leslie/ann, leslie/ben, life unexpected, lindsay/cindy, luke/lorelai, luther, matt/emily, mel/janice, misty/cordelia, msr, mulder/scully, my summer of love, myka/hg, nigel/kate, nikki & nora, nikki/nora, oitnb, olivia/natalia, once and again, once upon a time, orphan black, otalia, parenthood, parks and recreation, picspam, piper/alex, popular, rachel/luce, rachel/quinn, rizzoli & isles, rizzoli/isles, rory/paris, ruth/idgie, sam/brooke, six feet under, south of nowhere, spashley, spencer/ashley, spike/buffy, spike/drusilla, spuffy, standoff, stef/lena, swan queen, switched at birth, the 4400, the facts of life, the fosters, the hours, the mists of avalon, the neighbors, the virgin suicides, the west wing, the world unseen, the x-files, val/vic, veronica mars, warehouse 13, women's murder club, xena/gabrielle, xena: warrior princess, zoe/jen